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Network to Networth!

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Idk who need to hear this but YES, your nonprofit should definitely have a marketing strategy!!

Did you know that as a qualifying nonprofit with a Google Workspace for Nonprofits account, you have access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads that are shown on Google dot com?

Google Workspace is what we at 22nd and Tech consider a Tech Essential for organizations and businesses.

But back to the Ads Grant; Here’s how it can help your organization…

If your organization offers a program such as a summer camp, you could use Ad Grants for advertising your summer camp.

If your organization is holding an event, such as a fundraiser, you can use Ad Grants to advertise.

These Ads can reach new audiences for your organization. For example, a potential sponsor/donor or potential attendee outside of your immediate service area could discover your program(s) or event(s) and offer to volunteer for your organization, donate to your cause/programs and/or attend your events.

With access to that much Google Ad credit, your marketing budget could benefit significantly.

Having a Google Workspace account for your organization doesn’t just benefit your marketing efforts, but it also provides you with a professional email address for your organization which builds trust and adds to your organization’s credibility, along with many other collaborative cloud tools.

Most importantly, if your organization is eligible, the google workspace account will cost you little or NOTHING!

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