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Business credit steps for success

Step 1. Establish Credibility 

-Be sure to chose a business name that is not in a high risk industry

-Set up LLC-Corp-Trust

-Setup Ein for free with IRS

-Ensure your domain and email are professional

Www.xyz.com- xyz@xyz.com

-Set up business licensing (state, county, and federal)

-Set up physical address or virtual address 

-Get a business toll free number and list with 411(www.listyourself.com) set up a fax# (www.metrofax.com)

Step 2. Business Credit Reports

-Get setup with business credit reporting agency (www.nav.com)

-Do a status search w/ 


2.Equifax Small Business

3.Experian Small Business

-Setup your free D-U-N-S# and dispute any inaccurate info on the reports

Step 3. Establish Intitial Vendor Credit

-Get approved for Intitial trade credit with net 10,15,20,25,or 30 day terms

-Get credit with trade vendors: Uline, Office Depot, Grainger, Monopolize Your market place, Strategic Network Solutions, Reliable Office Supplies, Gemplers, Laughlin Associates, ect

*You must have 5 account experiences reported (experience is each individual payment report per CRA)

Step 4. Get High Limit Store Credit Cards

-Most major retailers offer EIN business credit to include, Staples, Home Depot, Costco, Sam's Club, Apple inc, Amazon, Walmart, Chevron, Sprint, ect.

-Leave your ssn off the applications to avoid the PG or consumer credit check.

*Once you have 10 account experiences reported your approved to go to step 5.

Step 5. Fleet/Cash Credit & Financing

-Fleet cards can be for: Fuel, Auto Repairs, and Auto Maintenance 

-Cash credit are cards you can use anywhere, like: Visa, Amex, Mastercard.

-Auto vehicle leasing and financing becomes available

-Loans (150k to 500k) become available..



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