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45 sentences that'll make you more money than a lawyer or a brain surgeon 👇🏼

1) Don't sell the product, sell the transformational outcome.

2) Your customer's fear of loss has to be greater than your price point.

3) Don't rely just on social media, build your email list with automation.

4) Have at least 2 offers but focus on one funnel and one container.

5. Create irresistible offers with bonuses and guarantees for the fastest solution to your clients pain point.

6) Don't lower your prices, increase your value.

7) Ability to write content for the people you want to work with is the most powerful marketing weapon.

8)Ability to write content to repel the people you don’t want to work with, is the second most powerful marketing weapon.

9) Ask for the sale every single day. We don’t make enough sales, your monthly revenue correlates with the amount of offers you make.

10) 100 ideal followers are more valuable than 10,O00 random followers.

11) Learn how to sell your offer to one to many with live launches.

12) Email your list at least 1x a week.

13) Always pre-sell your offer before building it. Live Launches were meant for that.

14) Learn how to sell your product or service without a single sales call.

15) People buy with emotion (stories), then justify with logic (statistics, graphs, data).

16) Follow up with people that haven’t bought with you the first time, follow up is King.

17) 98% of people are not ready to buy now, but if you keep showing up, they might buy later.

18) Most money is in the follow-up. Trust me, you don’t need to chase constant new leads.

19) Use your Facebook Group as a lead generation machine.

20) Stop teaching, instead talk about the transformation.

21) Focus on building a monthly recurring revenue so you don't start each month at $0. Monthly membership programs are ideal for that or maybe even a software.

22) The goal of your marketing is to make your prospects feel heard and understood.

23) Show up like you really care.

24) Educate your audience first then go and make a sale.

25) No one cares for your program, course, templates or 24/7 support, all they care is what you can do for them.

26) Cash flow is everything, It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep.

27) He or she who can afford to spend the most to acquire a new customer wins.

28) Sharing your bank account won’t impress anyone, instead share results.

29) You are selling certainty and security — no matter what you’re selling.

30) Offer payment plans — but incentivise upfront payments.

31) You don’t need a pretty website, or a fancy logo to start a business.

32) Position your offer as a new opportunity, not another similar solution.

33) Focus on warm leads, cold leads are harder to convert.

34) Building a community online is the best investment ever. Learn how to make a difference.

35) If you keep attracting poor people, stop fixing poor people’s problems.

36) Be an innovator not a follower.

37) Your family and friends won’t buy from you, get used to that.

38) 80% of your time should be spent on income-producing activities.

39) Give more value for free than what your competitors charge for. They need to know that your paid service is a bomb because the free stuff you give away is already a bomb.

40. Launch Imperfectly, no one cares for perfection.

41) Don’t overcomplicate things with fancy funnels.

42) Automate every repeating task by creating a system.

43. Invest in someone that knows more than you do.

44. Learn a new skill every month, your brain wants to keep learning.

45. 40% is strategy 60% is mindset, sort your inner voice.

That's a wrap!



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