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Network to Networth!

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How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Cash💰

Step One: Write & Self-publish an eBook!

There’s no fees to publishing ebooks.

Step Two: Create an outline of your book.

Break it down into 5 to 10 modules, highlight important topics (chapters) you would like to share with readers.

Step Three: Under each module begin building content that supports each topic.

Step Four: Using Canva (it’s free) type in digital textbook for free templates or search A4 document to create from scratch.

Step Five: Create a flyer and begin marketing your eBook.

Step Six: Design an attractive cover! Also, be sure the title is crystal clear.

Ex: Secrets to raising your credit score in 90 days. (Crystal Clear Title)

Step Seven: Upload your ebook directly on your website or use hosting platforms like Gumroad (Gumroad offer weekly payouts)

Step Eight: Sell your ebook for $20

You make 2 sales a day

That's $40 a day

That's $280 a week

That's $1200 a month

That's an extra $14,400 a year

Don't sleep on this ...‼️💰




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