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4 Top Tricks You Need to be Using in Social Media

Social media should be an important part of your online marketing campaign. However, you need to do more than just use social media. You need to be using it right. These 5 top tricks should be part of your social media campaigns.

#1 Create Your Facebook Marketing Campaign from an email List

Facebook gives you the ability to create advertising audiences based on your email list(s). You just need to create a txt or csv file. Take that file and click Audience then Create Audience and then choose Custom Audience. Now click Customer List and then upload your email list. That’s it – it’s that simple. Remember you can also upload a phone number list to target through your Facebook ads.

#2 Test Different Bid Strategies

Bid strategies influence just how successful your Facebook ads will be. There are 3 key categories for bidding:

1. Cost per thousand impressions

2. Cost per click

3. Conversion optimizer

You need to test various bidding methods to learn which will reduce your cost per conversion while getting the volume you need. Start with CPC. To set up your bidding method go to Ad Set Level (Under Optimizsation & Pricing) and choose bid type. When you use the conversion optimizer or bid per click you will determine what your maximum cost per click is going to be or your target cost per acquisition. You can also let Facebook select a value for you but this is riskier. Then set the pricing per ad.

#3 Schedule Your Ads

Facebook lets you segment your ads by hours and days, if you choose lifetime budget. It isn’t available with daily budget. This is why businesses seldom use this feature. Lifetime budget is the total budget of your ad set and it does not have a daily limit. If there is no established performance pattern for the campaign that already has a proven track record this is not a setting you want to play with. If you want to set up day/hour parting go to Budget and Schedule under Ad Set, then choose scheduling for your ad.

#4 Use Instagram to Generate Interest

Instagram has gotten a great deal of attention and is said to have 15x the engagement that Facebook has. It’s also one of the fastest growing mobile apps. You can influence interaction on multiple channels by tweeting your Instagram links to your photos. The results can be very impressive.

There you have it – 4 top tricks you need to be using in your social media. Why wait any longer?

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