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Why do Most People Ignore Content on Facebook while "Liking" Them?

If you've been doing any kind of Facebook content marketing, you probably have run into a very annoying problem. To the uninitiated or the completely clueless, this may not even seem like a problem.

You post something on your Facebook page, it gets on the timeline of some of your fans, and they "like" what they see. Your content has more than its fair share of thumbs up as well as "love" icons and even an occasional laughter icon. It seems like it's well received.

Unfortunately, you need to look beyond surface appearances. Sadly, until and unless your fans share your content, it's not going to gain much traction. If they don't share or comment extensively on your content, chances are, only a very few of your Facebook fanpage's existing fan base would see your update. That's how tight Facebook's algorithm has become.

Back in the day, your content only needs to get a few "likes" for it to be shown to a lot of eyeballs. And this, of course, triggers even more "likes," and before you know it, almost all your page's fans get to see your content.

Those days are over. Now you face a very annoying problem. It seems like, on the surface, people like what they see, but your content doesn't get anywhere.

The Core Problem

The heart of the problem really boils down to the fact that people actually ignore your content. They see your headline, they see the link, the see the preview, they obviously like enough of the text that you featured for them to engage with your content with a thumbs up, but that's pretty much the extent of your impact on them.

Most would not click on your link to visit your site. Most would not share your link, much less comment. There's quite a bit of a disconnect here.

What's really happening is that people are ignoring your content because they are scanning. They are not really reading. They just look for a few keywords, and if they get a favorable enough impression, they engage with your content.

But that's all you get out of them. You don't engage them to the point where they actually do something more. These additional actions are what puts dollars in your bank account. Anything less than sharing, commenting and clicking through your link wouldn't do you any good.

A lot of Facebook fanpage operators who boost their posts find this out in the worst way possible. They spent hundreds of dollars, throwing good money after bad, and at the end of their campaign, they have very little to show for it. Very few people click through, much less buy.

This is due primarily to how you write your content as well as content elements. Somehow, some way, you did not connect deeply enough with your target audience members so they did not do what you wanted them to do.

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