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Take Your Blog To $10k Per Month With A $2 Investment

Every seasoned hustler knows that the quickest way to hit long shot financial targets is by increasing your streams of income. Unless you’re a complete newbie to the idea of making money online, chances are, you operate a blog or website, and perhaps one or many social media accounts. Over the years, digital entrepreneurs have come a long way from solely relying on trading ad space for a few dollars. Most digital entrepreneurs now understand the importance of diversity means that include but are not limited to advertisement, click per action, and the sale of digital products.

According to Shopify, digital products are defined as “an intangible asset or piece of media that can be sold and distributed online repeatedly without the need to replenish inventory.” Think along the lines of anything you would download such as videos, templates, PDFs, and other streaming files. One of the most popular digital products however has quickly become the e-book. The reason for this being that your audience is already engaging with you because they view you as an expert in whatever industry you serve. Their purchase of your e-book validates this perception as they’re looking to share in your knowledge so that they can emulate your actions and your success. Let’s give the people what they want, shall we? At this point, you may have tuned out as you start to doubt your writing skills. But what if I told you that there was a way to profit wildly from e-book sales without you ever having to put pen to paper? In the world of PLR, also known as Private Label Rights, you have the ability to purchase content that gives you the right to edit, change, or modify it however you want. This means that if you lack the time or skill to craft an e-book on your own, you now have access to content that you have purchased the legal right to sell as though it were crafted by your own hand.

At ShopTheLuxList.com , we firmly believe that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and feeling the pressure to create new content from scratch for every digital product is doing just that. When you buy into PLR, you save yourself both time and effort by taking existing content and tweaking it to fit your brand and audience. You can change a few words, redesign the cover, change the font choice, or leave it as is. Once you purchase the license, it is then your product to do with exactly as you please. Our website has over 50 titles to choose from, with content ranging from exercise to cooking, from religion to modern marketing, from yoga to pregnancy advice. If you already have a Pinterest or blog following of any level, your audience is already waiting! Why not leverage your reputation by offering information that your followers trust to get from only you?

Consider this: At ShopTheLuxList.com , the average cost for one of our titles will be a one time investment of approximately $2 to license. If you were to place a focus on selling just 10 books a day at $35 per download, you have the potential to earn over 10k in income for work you didn’t even have to do! But that’s not even the best part about this system. The best part is the fact that per the definition provided earlier, there is absolutely no need to replenish inventory, nor is there a need to carve out space in your garage to pile products. You make a single investment that continues to regenerate itself time and again so long as you market it properly.

If you’re looking for an added stream of income, look no further than PLR. There are hundreds of thousands of influencers, marketers and entrepreneurs making tons of money in the e-book business currently. The gag is, there is absolutely no way of telling who’s content should be considered organic. This is true because for one, there are often multiple people behind written brand content, and two, there will be no one that could identify the voice behind the text as not being your own. The key is to choose your content wisely, to brand appropriately, and spread the word like wildfire. There is no way to lose. If you’re unsure of where to start, be sure to hop over to ShopTheLuxList.com to review our frequently asked questions, and to browse our title selection.

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