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Create Email Funnels With ConvertKit

Create Email Funnels With ConvertKit

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Use the best email technology now... Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Create Email Funnels With ConvertKit. Anyone who makes money online knows that it’s vital that you have an email list. Those who believe that you can send visitors to a website and make money are grossly mistaken.


That may have worked ten or twenty years ago, but it’s not the formula for success today. The way you achieve success in today’s marketing world is by running an email list. The Most Successful Online Marketers Run Email Lists. Almost every single one of the YouTube gurus touting how much money they make online does so with the use of a list.


Their website and videos are only a means of getting targeted leads. Your ability to make money online will come down to being able to run an active email list. You can do just that by simply watching our videos. They cover everything that you need to get started and run a successful list. You will know the ins and outs of the entire process after watching our videos.


The only thing you’ll have to do then focuses on creating quality content that will cause your subscribers to react.


Here's what you're going to learn in this training:

Your Convertkit Sending Address
Account Settings - Part 1
Account Settings - Part 2
Team Management
Add Subscribers - Part 1
Add Subscribers - Part 2
Creating Forms
Creating Landing Pages
Creating Landing Pages
Creating A Broadcast - Part 1
Creating A Broadcast - Part 2
Creating A Sequence - Part 1
Creating A Sequence - Part 2
Convertkit Direct Integrations - Part 1
Convertkit Direct Integrations - Part 2
Convertkit Direct Integrations - Part 3
Creating Automations - Part 1
Creating Automations - Part 2
Pricing and Set Up

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