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This is a collection of 20+ high-level step-by-step over-the-shoulder training videos and audio. Learn and teach the exact technical process of How to Use the Technical Features of the YouTube Ads Platform.


Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the training:

Minimum Viable Equipment
Video Editing Tools
Set Up a Landing Page
Basic Channel Start and Set Up
YouTube Ad Creation Tools
YouTube Ads for Awareness – Part 2
YouTube Ads for Consideration – Part 2
YouTube Ads for Action – Part 2
Measuring Consideration
Conversion Actions
Video Creation Tools
Set Up an Autoresponder
Connect Your Autoresponder to Your Shopping Cart
Conversion Tags
YouTube Ads for Awareness
YouTube Ads for Consideration
YouTube Ads for Action
Measuring Awareness
Measuring Action
Set Up Conversion Tracking

First Steps With YouTube Ads Playbook

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