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This is a collection of 27 videos teaching you how to use Google Tools To Increase Productivity and Communication. The fact is that Google has already created some of the best and most easily accessible productivity tools available. What's best of all, they're free... In fact, you're probably already using some of them now, things like the Calendar and E-Mail (G-Mail)...


You're probably wondering, can I be using them more or better? Is There a way I can use these tools to get more done in less time? The answer is yes and no. Have you been through the experience of accidentally opening one of the menus of these tools and discovering something cool and helpful?


It's likely you have and you're not alone. The problem is that you discover these things by accident. If you only knew where the other tools were just like the cool ones that help you were...


What you'll discover in these Videos:

Train Your Team with Google Classroom
Transcribe Audio with Google Voice Typing
Transcribe Video with YouTube
Hack Gmail External Tools To Increase Productivity
Hack Gmail Internal Tools To Increase Productivity
Hack Google Calendar For More Productivity
Understand Basic Google Tool Relationships
Create and Use Google Docs Collaboratively
Use Google Drive Collaboratively
Use Google Keep Collaboratively
Use Google Hangouts Collaboratively
Extend the Reach of Collaboration with Google's Paid Tools


Within this package you will find the following modules:

VSL Video
Upsell Page
Affiliate Tool Box
Visual Cheat Sheet

Google Productivity Tools

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price


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