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Homepreneurs Handbook

Homepreneurs Handbook


With food prices and gas going up, it’s getting more difficult to pay your bills, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve thought of possible solutions. For example, you can: Get a 2nd or 3rd job. Spend less (and eat less). Downsize.


...but deep down, you know you’re still going to struggle to survive and live the life you truly want. But There Is Good News!


I know exactly how you're feeling. These days, a bad economy doesn’t affect me... I have a successful home-based business and I spend most of my time with family and friends.

Homepreneur's Handbook: How to start and succeed with your very own home-based business! This book is based on over 20 years of experience. So what exactly is this going to do for you? Can a simple book really turn everything around for you? Yes. Yes it can.


Here's How This Book Will Benefit You:

It will give you the confidence to start a business despite the high failure rate of home based businesses.
It will help you decide if you should choose a niche/industry that you’re passionate about or go for the one that is more profitable even though you’re less passionate about it.
You will learn of at least 4 types of income you can expect from a home based business.
This eBook reveals a few businesses that I have started in the past so you can look inside the mind of a serial entrepreneur.

This eBook will be helpful to you if you don't know what kind of business to start.
• I reveal the secret to growing your business FAST and BIG.


Within this package you will find the following modules:

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