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This product is designed to help you conduct thorough market research for each potential niche. The insights gathered will inform your scoring on the Local Niches Scorecard and guide your decision-making process.


How to Use This Product:

● Conduct thorough research for each section, utilizing online resources, market reports, and direct engagement with potential clients or industry experts.

● Regularly update the guide as you gather more information and as market dynamics change.

● Refer to this guide when completing the Local Niches Scorecard to ensure a well-rounded analysis and decision-making process.


This Local Market Research Guide is a tool that allows marketing consultants to delve deep into potential niches, ensuring they choose a niche from Local Niche Riches 2024 that not only has market potential but also aligns well with their business goals and capabilities. This comprehensive approach enhances the probability of success in the chosen niche.


Within this package you will find the following modules:

Local Market Research Guide
Local Marketing Niche Selection Scorecard

Local Niche Riches 2024

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