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Get 20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Tutorial Videos On How to Start A Paid Online Community. Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Use The Go High-Level Platform To Sell Products and Services! In this Course, You’ll Find Out How to Go High Level Can Be Used to Help Small Businesses Online and Offline!


Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Videos:

Local Focus for Local Communities
Using Social Media Groups
Shopping Cart Considerations
Mighty Networks and Circle.so
Customize Your Notifications
Set Up a Discussion Post Space
Creating an Invitation Link
Add an Online Course
Set a Circle Event Space and Event
Conducting a Circle Live Stream
Creating Posts In Your Community
Course Platform Comment Section
WordPress Based Platforms
Zapier and Integration
Circle Start Up
Setting Up Space Groups
Set Up a Discussion Post Space - Part 2
Adding Individuals Via Invitation Link
Course Customization
Set Up the Live Stream Event
Going Live Inside of Circle without an Event

The Paid Community Playbook

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