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Facebook Group Promotion

Take advantage now and start to promote your posted ads to our 800 + 

music ,business, entertainment groups & more reaching a total of over 500,000 + members on 

Facebook. Our promotions will help you to gain major exposure and help to build you a huge fan base reputation. Below you can decide to promote your ads on a daily or even on a weekly basis, either way it will be to your advantage especially at these great prices.

How does it work?

Once you have chosen your posting package, your ads will begin posting the next following day starting at 9am till 10pm Mon.- Fri. & 9am till 11pm Sat. and Sun. Through research we have found that these are the busiest times on Facebook  groups so we are sure without a doubt that you will get the exposure that you need for your ads. So what are you waiting for, LET'S GET YOU STARTED!

NOTE: Be sure to include an unique #Hashtag in your post . You can always create the post on Facebook first and then copy and paste it in the box below. You can submit links for your websites, music profiles, blogs, fan pages and social network profiles. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PORN LINKS, THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND.

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