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Using Hashtags, The Right Way On Instagram

Trying to reverse engineer what others are doing is part of the necessary learning curve to understand the need for a more complex strategy.

Reverse engineering Instagram hashtags for personal or business success.

Instagram lets users label each photo with hashtags. The underlying purpose of Instagram hashtags is the maintenance of a categorization system to filter some photographs out, but not others, that use the same hashtag. The cause of this filtering is an algorithm or, to be more precise, more algorithms that work synchronously. Thus, who uses Instagram hashtags the right way will control what others will look at more.

The first step to learn how Instagram hashtags work is to reverse engineer what other popular users are doing. Instagrammers (or Igers) interact every day with countless profiles. The sum of the Instagrammers' cumulative actions influences the algorithm behind the popularity of some content. Thus, it is only normal to copy the more popular hashtags and hoping your content will soar to fame and virality. However, that is not always the case.

What does Instagram really want?

Instagram loves the buzz. Nothing makes more sense for the algorithms behind Instagram than a constant flow of communication. TV characters and celebrities already have numerous fans, so they only need to add some content. However, those who don't have such a huge fan base won't get the same attention because that profile isn't generating much interaction.

Use unique hashtags

To use Instagram hashtags the right way, users need to let go of the fear of the unknown hashtag. Many follow this way the hard way, by using only exclusive hashtags, while others mingle them with more popular ones. It would be recommendable to start with few unique hashtags and a couple of popular ones.

Reverse engineer the thinking of your niche or desirable fanbase

Each hashtag can lead to a limited series of outcomes. The Instagrammers will search for a photo in the search box and will either click on your content to interact or not. Before your content becomes viral, it needs to attract the attention of those who use the search box.

Instagrammers are frequently bored. Perhaps, they misspelled a word or clicked on the same popular hashtag you used and scrolled down to find your content. Is your content going to spark any interaction? If it fails to be attractive or repulsive enough, you will not get any attention. If it does, the unique hashtags you constantly use throughout your content will generate a private label for all your content.

Add some haters to the mix.

While Instagram does not like abuse, you should interact with people much different than you. If you want some attention, be the cause of the much-needed change. When you find a photo with similar content, try to leave a meaningful comment with your Instagram hashtags. Better yet, only use your unique hashtags. If you play the comment game right, others may reply and use your content as a reference for their statements and beliefs. Sometimes, a splash of hate is all it takes to create a loving fanbase.

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