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Where to Get Small Business Grants

Finding and knowing who all of the government agencies that give grants for specific purposes or in specific subject areas takes a great deal of time, effort, and research on your part. The resources that you can find on the internet can provide you with a starting point to help you do your own research. If you are looking for funding for an existing or new for-profit business, you may have to deal with many difficulties in finding and getting grant funding. Government grants are generally given to non-profit organizations for programs and services that benefit the community as a whole.

The first place that you should look for getting government grants is the U.S. Government's Grants.gov Website. This website will give you the chance to electronically find and apply for many of the grants that are available. You can also obtain information on the different types of grants and the government agencies that make them. Not to mention that you can sign up to receive notification of any future grant opportunities that were coming up as well.

You can also search for a grant at the Government's Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), which will provide you with a listing of various Government grants and other types of assistance that you can get. Here is where you can get information on available grants that are separated by Category and Topic Area or you can search the Catalog by key words etc. If you find a grant that interests you, you are going to want to make sure that you carefully read the section on Eligibility Requirements so that you can find out if you would be qualified to apply for that particular grant.

You should also know that most government grants are not available all year-round. This means that you have to follow specific guidelines of time in order to be eligible. In general, you can apply for them only when they are announced by a Government agency. When an agency makes these funds that are available for a grant, they will generally put an announcement in the Federal Register which is published each weekday. Not to mention that you can search for government grant announcements.

Grants that are given to individuals are most often given for educational support which means for school, the arts, and various types of scientific or other research, although some agencies will have the tendency to award grants to individuals for other purposes. Getting a grant is hard work. You should not be fooled by advertisements and promotions that state that you can get completely free just by writing a letter. There is a lot of competition for getting business grant funds. If you want to be successful in winning a grant, you must provide the funding agency with a well-written Proposal that will clearly state your objectives and have a plan ready as well as your budget for your activities. Grants are only free in terms that they do not have to be repaid, but it takes a lot of work just to get it.

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